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Software that builds social personas, bios, and profile pics in less than 60 seconds with a database for storing passwords for the social sites you can share with your team.

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Here's a Summary of the Benefits
of Using Minion Builders

Now you can create almost any kind of social persona in minutes.
Social media has never been easier with this SAAS app!

Instant Social Profiles

Access over 600K names and demographics in an easy slider filter. No thinking involved.

Perfect Minion Photos

Unique Photo AI selector with every click of the button. Find the right one and lock it in.

Social Media PW Database

Keep all photos, PW's, notes, and bios in one secure place online that you can share with your VA's.

Create Profiles to Sell

Easy to use Minion Transfer feature to move minions to their NEW owner. 

Built-In Image Editor

You can easily enhance your Social Profiles with filters or add captions to their pics.

Profile Pic Manipulator

Have fun with your profile pics by converting them into cartoons or swap the backgrounds.

Team Management

Easily add and remove team members. Assign them to groups or your entire database. 

Export to CSV

Easily export backup copies of the social account logins along with the demographics.

Smart Organizer

Assign Minions to groups and updates statuses as you build their social accounts.

Start Building Social Personas Immediately!

Create social personas, bios, and profile pics in minutes with this handy tool. Keep all passwords in one secure location for easy sharing. You can even sell and transfer your minions to other minion builder owners.

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Minion Builders is a Private and Secure Online Database for ALL Your Minions Social Account Information

This SAAS database is designed to build personas from scratch and then store all your minion's social account information in one convenient, online, and secure place. Nothing to download, simply log into your minion builders database. Information is no longer in multiple spreadsheets and dozens of file folders. It's accessible 24/7, no matter where you are and by all your team.

The 10-Second Persona Maker

In 10 seconds or less you can generate a Persona that looks so real, even your Mom will like them. Simply select the character profile and hit the generate button. Create up to 5 minions at one time. Then simply spin up their bio and select a 100% unique profile pic. You're ready then to start adding them to your socials.

Give Your VA's Something To Work With - A Real Sharing Solution

Share access with team members who need specific profiles at certain times without giving them access to other records, group settings for organizing your minions by VA, proxy, or even phone numbers. You get full control over who sees what data, plus automatic backups and security measures protect everything from unauthorized changes

Hear What Our Customers are Saying...

Larry Bush

I just want to say that Damon Nelson and Wayne Atkinson have come thru once again with a slick, easy-to-use system, the Minion Builders Database. As with their other products, the system is easy to use, helps to maintain a systematic approach to building and developing your minions, and their support is top-notch. They are always striving to improve their products to make them easier to use. In addition, their training in the use of the Minion Builder Database is straightforward and complete. If you are involved in any way with utilizing minions in your marketing efforts and strategies, this is highly recommended.

Steve Bailey

Damon and Wayne have shortened my long days again. The Minion Builder software makes the tasks related to creating, administering, and using an army of minions easy. I use it with my VAs. We no longer store information on Google or in spreadsheets. I swear Big G is looking at our files. ;) Since working with these two guys, our productivity has improved rather dramatically. I also want to recommend any training they offer. Always great teaching that covers the topics well and can be used to train your VAs. My VAs are now building without me for the most part. We talk about the niche and some categories, and they are off and running. A great scalable system. Check it out; you will be glad you did.

Scott Rogers

My life is getting more manageable with automation tools and education from Damon and Wayne. My SAAS experience is always the best when the developers actually use and improve their product, like the guys from Vidpenguin. The Minion Builder software is not only a time-saver but has organized my social marketing community of peeps. They have thought of pretty much everything.

Walt Nelson

Be sure to check out MinionBuilders for the best tool to store & create your social media minions. A safe place to store the important info for each social account you plan to use for generating content for your money sites. Damon's training is always complete and to the point. No wasted time or effort to learn the how, why and what of his methods and software.

Featuring a Built-in Profile Caricature Maker 

This is the fun part of making a minion. Give your minion profile pics some personality. Instantly create a unique set of Caricatures and Cartoons from your original profile photo and store them online as image URLs? Or use the handy image editor to touch up your photos. You don't have to use phone image apps or hunt around for that perfect minion selfie anymore! And let us manage all your minion's photos online with easy-to-use URL links.

Build Minions to Sell to other Minion Builder Owners

Want to make extra money with your spare time? Build social personas and then sell them. Not every marketer wants to take the time building their own accounts, so spend a little extra creating an account for you or someone else in need of one - they are ready within days!

Businesses love this service too because it's more convenient than having employees build profiles themselves all day long.

Profile Image URL's

All your profiles images that you create are stored online with direct URL linking in a fast Amazon S3 photo library.  In addition, you can download an image to your computer.  

Get Started Instantly

Start building social minions for your own business along with your clients. Minion Builders makes it easy to create, personalize, and manage a team of personas in minutes from now.

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When you buy the Minion Builders today, we are included 3 bonuses
that will save you time and money.

Customer Avatar Maker

Make your marketing more effective than your competition. As a bonus, we included a customer avatar maker with the exact questions marketing agencies use to define that perfect customer. This will help you create the perfect buyer profile that can be shared in multiple PDF outputs with your team or your clients. 

After completing this database worksheet: 
- You'll know your customer better than ever before.
- Your customers will feel like they're being heard by you.
- Be able to connect with your customers on a personal level.

QR Code Creator

Webinar Bonus, get our QR Code generator to instantly add them to your phone's picture editing apps or another computer. This makes it super easy to add photos into your social accounts or send them to your phone for even further facial modifications.

- You can always find the photo you need and save money on storage
- You don't have to open multiple apps for facial modifications
You never have the hassle of downloading or uploading photos
- Never worry about losing a photo again


Easy Minion Transfer Feature

This Bonus allows you to build minions for other people along with social account information. When you're ready, you can transfer the Minion to another owner of the Minion Builder Database. This is possibly the best reason to get Minion Builders Database, to make money with your time and efforts. 

- You'll be able to build an army of minions for your customers.
- You can sell them the right way by offering a full transfer service.
- Get paid to build and transfer your minion database.
- Be the most popular person in town!

More Testimonials from Customers Like YOU!

Brian Kato

Whether you're building stacked properties or looking for a way to boost your content syndication, this is the real deal. I've purchased several products from Damon and Wayne and they're all top-notch.

Jamie Lorenzo

The Minion Builder Database software has shaved hours of tedious grunt work required to build an army of people profile assets for use across social media and other online media sites. Highly Recommended!

Chad McDonald

Damon and Wayne are so great to work with. They are as genuine as they come and build really thoughtful and functional products. The best part is they use the products themselves and not build products just to make sales.



1-time Purchase

  • Total Minions allowed: 20
  • Images per Minion: 10
  • Social Accounts/Minion: 5
  • Toonify Profile Pics: Yes
  • Image Editor: Yes
  • Team Mgmt: Yes
  • Pro Image Credits: 200



Most Popular
1-time Purchase

  • Total Minions allowed: 50
  • Images per Minion: 50
  • Social Accounts/Minion: 20
  • Toonify Profile Pics: Yes
  • Image Editor: Yes
  • Team Mgmt: Yes
  • Pro Image Credits: 1000
  • Minion Builders Bootcamp
    (A previously recorded
    6-week training - $397 Value) 



Best Value!
1-time Purchase

  • Total Minions allowed: Unl.
  • Images per Minion: 100
  • Social Accounts/Minion: Unl.
  • Toonify Profile Pics: Yes
  • Image Editor: Yes
  • Team Mgmt: Yes
  • Pro Image Credits: 3000
  • Minion Builders Bootcamp
    (A previously recorded
    6-week training - $397 Value)
  • Import Accounts: Yes
  • The Minion Mastermind
    (A previously recorded
    training series on how to
    use minions in your business
    a $497 Value)

Frequently Asked Questions:

14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a 14-Day money-back satisfaction guarantee. If, for ANY reason, you decide that Minion Builders is not a great fit for your business, then let us know within the first 14 days after purchase, and we will issue you a full refund.